Electronic scrap

  • Telephone relay stations
  • Computing machines
  • Electronic measuring devices
  • Computers, motherboards, video cards, processors
  • Mobile phone boards
  • Capacitors, relays, microcircuits, transistors
  • Diodes, Resistors, Connectors
  • Radio lamps
  • Contactors


Glass textolite pad with metal plate

16 BGN/kg

Slot 1 Slot A

45 BGN/kg

Glass textolite pad

60 BGN/kg

Glass textolite pad

112 BGN/kg

AMD K5, K6

122 BGN/kg

Ceramic pad

160 BGN/kg

Ceramic pad with gilded plate

255 BGN/kg

Intel 286, 386, 486

405 BGN/kg


White connectors

24 BGN/kg

Gold connectors

48 BGN/kg


Motherboards Pentium 4/Athlon - metal socket - Intel Pentium/Core i (Socket LGA)/AMD equivalent

4.50 BGN/kg

Motherboards - Pentium 4/Athlon - plastic socket - Intel Pentium 4 (Socket PGA)/AMD equivalent

6.20 BGN/kg

Motherboards before Pentium 4/Athlon - Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon without Socket 462/Socket A

13 BGN/kg


From graphics cards, sound cards, floppy disk drives

15 BGN/kg

Circuit boards from mobile phones (without boards of smart and wireless phones and PDA/PNA devices)

47 BGN/kg

Mobile phones

Whole smart phones

6 BGN/kg

Whole mobile phones without batteries, no covers (without circuit boards from smart and wireless phones, as well as PDA/PNA devices)

17 BGN/kg

TV and monitor circuit boards (lampless)

0.55 BGN/kg

Hard disk circuit boards

25 BGN/kg

Russian capacitors (with cut legs) - type KM

1 450 BGN/kg

Bulgarian capacitors (with cut legs) - ceramic type КРМП and КРМО

705 BGN/kg

Bulgarian capacitors (with cut legs) - ceramic type КРМП

300 BGN/kg


Gilded couplings

2 BGN/pc

Gilded couplings

3 BGN/pc

Russian couplings - type РППМ17-48-3

10 BGN/pc


Trimmers SP5-2 and DJ-3

0,25 BGN/pc

Trimmers SP5-14

0,30 BGN/pc

Hard disks - whole 3.5’’ and 2.5’’

2,50 BGN/kg

Optical drives/Floppy disk drives

0,60 BGN/kg

КComputer power supplies - AT/ATX with cords for plugging into the motherboard

0,50 BGN/kg


2,00 BGN/kg